Aug 2020
Euralis Semences and Caussade Semences Group approved the merger agreement between the two companies

The Boards of Directors of Euralis Semences and Caussade Semences Group approved the merger agreement between the two companies on the 19th of June. This project, which began in July 2019, will take effect on September 1st, 2020. This new entity aims to become a key European player in seeds thanks to its complementarity, its multi-crops offer, and its network of producers and industrial tools in France and Europe....

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Jul 2020
The Development of Sorghum Forage In Europe: A New Perspective For Farmers

With global warming, we can see this crop of fodder sorghum going up towards the northern half of Europe, supported, among other things, by its lower need for water and inputs, good hardiness, its food or energy quality, its tolerance to the Diabrotica beetle and its use with corn silage for exploitation in order to secure production....

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Dec 2019

Positive trade, boosted by a forthcoming preliminary agreement between China and the USA, is helping to underpin the soybean market in Chicago. Furthermore, US exports are good even though they still have a long way to go to meet the USDA’s target. ...

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