Innovative and profitable crop in dry condition

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Euralis Semences sorghum grains

Sorghum cultivation is of highly significant agronomic interest in dry conditions.
This is an innovative and profitable crop that can replace maize in animal feed, biogas, silage and other industrial applications. Sorghum also proposes large opportunities in food processing branches.

Euralis Semences has invested heavily in joint research company EUROSORGHO, making it the European leader in sorghum today.

In particular, Euralis Semences has developed a range of grain varieties perfectly suited to continental climates, along with varieties destined for the biogas and silage markets.


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The company is constantly bringing innovations to the crop, creating hybrids to meet all industrial and farming needs. That’s why Euralis offers a wide range of sorghum hybrids suitable for all climatic conditions.

This video below will present you the diversity and outlets of Euralis sorghum:

Here, you can consult full range of Euralis Semences’ varieties and the brochure about Sorghum, a highly promising cereal for animal feed.