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EURALIS started corn breeding in early 1950’s. Since that time the company has been working on continuous genetic progress combining traditional breeding methods with cutting-edge technologies like molecular marking and haplodiploïdisation. Nowadays, EURALIS is the 6th largest corn seeds company in Europe.


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EURALIS knows that successful and profitable milk production begins in the field. The best dairy farmers know that there are some very important days in the cows’ feed management: the day when you choose the hybrids, the days of the silage harvest and silo preparation. These few days will influence the quality of the cows’ feed for the whole year and, as a consequence, the amount of energy available for milk production.

For the silage segment, EURALIS has launched the Silobreed® portfolio to guarantee a rich yield of quality feed. During the selection process, EURALIS breeding team is focused on two main objectives: yield and quality.



To maximize the silage yield potential, two main criteria are precisely monitored:

  • Stress Toleranceto secure high silage yield whatever the weather and soil conditions are.
  • Stay Green to get a longer window to harvest the silage at the optimal stage of quality and to better organize the harvest process.



Getting a good silage yield is not enough. To realize the maximum milk production the quality of the silage is a key point, which results from two main features:

  • Digestibility of the starch
  • Digestibility of the fibers

The criteria of digestibility are valued with a double method: quality analysis by French corn institute Arvalis, combined with internal EURALIS “In Sacco” experimentation on the cows.