crop EURALIS Seeds Division

EURALIS Semences is one of the leading European seeds companies creating and producing seeds of corn, sunflower, sorghum, oilseeds rape and soybean.



Created in 1950, EURALIS Semences is the seeds division of the agricultural group EURALIS. Seed creator for more than 60 years, EURALIS Semences experiences a highly sustained development dynamic. It has doubled its turnover in only 5 years.

Every year, the company invests 13 % of its turnover to research and development and covers 21.000 ha of seeds production. EURALIS uses the very latest laboratory technologies and draws on more than 20 years´ experience in molecular marking and biotechnologies in order to speed up genetic progress. These technologies support a wide field selection testing on more than 500.000 plots across Europe.

Numerous alliances with agrochemical partners help proposing hybrids that meet the latest cultivation methods providing performance and profit to famers in different countries.

The company today counts 11 subsidiaries throughout Europe:

EURALIS subsidiaries

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