For EURALIS being a leader means to be an innovative, creative expert fully mastering the best technologies. That is why EURALIS is in direct control of all activities related to the seeds chain:

  • Research – Powerful European Research
  • Production
  • Commercialization


EURALIS has one of the most extensive seeds research activities in Europe, to which we dedicate more than 13% of annual turnover.

With 11 breeding stations all over Europe EURALIS has a strong and large team of genetic scientists and engineers with the knowledge of the regional circumstances:

EURALIS breeding stations

EURALIS gained more than 20 years’ experience in molecular genetics and this helps to speed up genetic progress. The very latest laboratory technologies are used to assist with all research activities.

These technologies are supported by field testing on more than 500.000 plots across the whole of Europe.

The program is reinforced by numerous alliances worldwide, with agrochemical partners such as BASF and Bayer, and research facilities in North and South America (USA, Argentina, Chile, etc.) and China.





MAIZE: the aim of the maize research program is to become N°1 in early genetics (FAO<400), while at the same time playing an important role in late maize. The use of original high-performance genetic sources – Tropical Dent® combined with the existing genetic flow – enabled us to develop a rich range of varieties.

SUNFLOWER: led by its seeds research company SOLTIS, Euralis Semences’ research program is the largest in Europe and plays an important role worldwide. With more than 8,000 hybrids created and tested every year, Euralis Semences possess a comprehensive range of competitive varieties in every segment of the market.

SORGHUM: in 2009, Euralis Semences set up the first sorghum research program in Europe through its Eurosorgho subsidiary. The company is constantly bringing new innovations to this crop, creating hybrids to meet all industrial and farming needs.

SOYBEAN: Euralis Semences uses the newest research technologies to offer soya seed which complies with non-GMO quality requirements. Our high-performance varieties covering all maturity segments are highly appreciated by farmers across Europe.

RAPESEED: Euralis Semences was the first company to launch rapeseed hybrids in France and has established a research partnership with Bayer to accelerate innovation. At the moment a new high-performance range issued from a 9 year research program is coming to the market.

BIOTECHNOLOGY: as a member of the Innoléaa program, Euralis is involved in the largest French research into sunflower and rapeseed crops’ genomes.



Haplodiploidization: Makes it possible now to create a line in one year instead of eight years with conventional selection, while remaining part of the classical breeding approach. It is used in most programmes.

Molecular marking: This technique makes it possible to structure genetic resources and maximise heterosis, to follow simple genetic characteristics such as tolerance to helminthosporiosis. For complex characteristics such as yield, research resources must be optimised. These are shared between molecular marking and trials in a greater number of locations. While this choice is complicated, the complementarity between these approaches is increasingly effective.