For EURALIS being a leader means to be an innovative, creative expert fully mastering the best technologies. That is why EURALIS is in direct control of all activities related to the seeds chain:

  • Research 
  • Production – 100 % dedication to quality
  • Commercialization


EURALIS makes seeds quality an absolute priority for ensuring farmers satisfaction.


order to reach this goal, EURALS has selected three main production areas under its direct control:

  • 10.000 ha in southwestern France, the best climatic region in Europe for corn production thanks to frequent natural rainfalls.
  • 5.000 ha in the south of Spain, a diseases-free region that is particularly suited to sunflower production.
  • 6.000 ha in Ukraine at the heart of the Chernozem belt, the highest-quality soils in Europe.

EURALIS production sites

100 % of these production fields are irrigated to guaranty the best quality.

The industrial process is chiefly carried out at three ultra-modern sites, one in each of the production zones: Lescar (France), Seville (Spain) and Cherkasy (Ukraine). In order to meet the growing demand, EURALIS is constantly developing its production network in areas with the best suited agronomic qualities. Whatever the seeds production area, our quality control laboratories use ISTA methods. Later, all results are centralized within the pilot laboratory in the headquarter in France. All batches are covered by complete traceability and undergo more than 12 controls from production field to the bag.