crop EURALIS Group

The EURALIS Group is a French agricultural and food cooperative group with the four divisions: agricultural production and distribution, gastronomy and foie gras, seeds and investment and developments.

It was found in 1936 by farmers and counts today 7.000 shareholders and 5.150 employees. As an agricultural cooperative, EURALIS supports agricultural and food industry professionals by allowing them rise to the challenge of producing in quantity without compromising the quality.

With its agricultural division, the company serves 12.000 farmers in the South-West of France operating in diverse sectors: field crops, seeds, vegetables and wine producers, cattle, poultry and fattened duck growers. With its food division the group operates in food industry sector in France and internationally. In 2015, EURALIS group had generated a gross turnover of 1.5 billion €.

EURALIS divisions

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