December 27, 2019

Every two weeks, Euralis Seeds will publish a newsletter, in partnership with Agritel, on trends and the agricultural market.

Lets’ see, how market situation has evolved since last two weeks.

Oilseed complex:

Positive trade, boosted by a forthcoming preliminary agreement between China and the USA, is helping to underpin the soybean market in Chicago. Furthermore, US exports are good even though they still have a long way to go to meet the USDA’s target. The prices of palm oil in Kuala Lumpur are still underpinning rapeseed seed against a backdrop of falling production and a global demand for oil that is still rising.

Cereals complex:

The cereal markets are still being driven by geopolitics, mainly the phase 1 agreement between the USA and China. Another earth-shattering development for global trade was the increase in export taxes by Argentina’s government. Brexit has also played its part, even though the transition period is likely to last until December 2020 at the earliest. These events are boosting buyer interest in European commodities, which explains the price stability on Euronext (particularly for wheat).

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