June 28, 2019

Every two weeks, Euralis Seeds will publish a newsletter, in partnership with Agritel, on trends and the agricultural market.

Lets’ see, how market situation has evolved since last two weeks.

Oilseed complex:

The oilseed complex is still torn between concerns about the weather and the weakness of oils. On the one hand, traders are still focusing on the soybean plantings in the USA; and on the other, the situation in Canada is still being monitored, although there was some beneficial rain this week easing concerns about water deficit to some extent. In Western Europe, concerns about the heatwave are driving the market. With regard to oils, palm prices are still unable to awaken from the torpor caused by difficult fundamentals in Malaysia. With regard to crude oil, OPEC’s forthcoming meeting, combined with tension between Iran and Saudi Arabia, mean that prices are somewhat quiet.

Cereals complex:

The weather market is still the main news for cereals. That is to say, is the period when the weather situation is highly important for crops and market prices. The USA has still not finished planting maize. Analysts and traders are waiting bravely for publication of the USDA’s acreage report on 28 June which should include the first figures for the actual acreage sown. Meanwhile, production forecasts for the Black Sea remain optimal, despite particularly high temperatures in recent weeks.

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