January 22, 2021

Every two weeks, Lidea will publish a newsletter, in partnership with Agritel, on trends and the agricultural market.

Lets’ see, how market situation has evolved since last two weeks.

Oilseed complex:

All products in the oilseed complex are tight, although prices are particularly high and enough to ration demand. This is why palm prices are back around the 3,200 ringgits/t mark in Kuala Lumpur. Rapeseed is also being dragged along in the wake of palm and fell late last week. Soya is still tight. Traders are still monitoring the situation in Brazil (where the harvests are just starting) and Argentina (water deficit).

Cereals complex:

The USDA’s January report brought some new bullish momentum for the cereal market. Wheat stocks are confirmed tight and the doubling of export duties on Russian wheat is reinforcing the upward movement. With regard to maize, all eyes are on crop conditions in Argentina. Even though it rained last week, only 19% of the country’s wheat is rated good-excellent. Pending the arrival of crops from South America, the balance sheets are very tight. Barley is also taking advantage of the price rises in the cereal complex.

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