February 05, 2021

Every two weeks, Lidea will publish a newsletter, in partnership with Agritel, on trends and the agricultural market.

Lets’ see, how market situation has evolved since last two weeks.

Oilseed complex:

Brazil’s soya harvests are behind schedule following recent rainfall and thus the sowings have also been delayed. The market is eagerly awaiting the arrival of this new crop, however, with 95% of the USA’s export target already reached.

Furthermore, even though soya prices have been marking time and palm prices fell in January, the trend is unchanged and still bullish. There may be a lack of sunflower in Ukraine and canola in Canada. The rotation plans for the next harvest will therefore be closely monitored.

Cereals complex:

Forecasts of rain for South America have led the financial funds to take their profits. All cereals have therefore fallen. China, however, has made some massive new purchases of US maize – almost 5.9Mt in the space of four days. Any new tightness for South America could therefore drive maize prices higher. Wheat’s downward path, however, has not been fully redrawn as demand is still slight, as is Egypt’s presence in the buying arena. In this buoyant context for cereals, French, Ukrainian and Canadian barley is still in demand in China which is underpinning prices.

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