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Roots Power corn Euralis semences air root resistance to lodging corn hybrids

Roots power logo by Euralis semencesRoots Power ® is an innovative screening program launched by Euralis Semences in 2010. The impetus for its development was the global demand from the farming community for robust hybrids adapted to the severe drought conditions which are more and more frequent.

Several thousands of corn inbreds and hybrids are unrooted every year all over Europe in different types of soil and climate. The objective is to screen the plants with the most suitably developed root system to ensure the plant’s stability in harsh conditions.

There are 3 selection criteria :

  • Strong and long main root to ensure that the plant has access to deep soil water reserves
  • Dense and profound secondary roots to quickly absorb the necessary microelements for healthy growth
  • A wide angle of the roots system to guarantee the lodging resistance.

Roots Power corn Euralis Semences seeds strong roots resistance to lodging corn hybrids

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