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OR-MASTER-Orobanche-Broomrape-sunflower-Euralis-semences-SeedsMore than 65% of the sunflower sown in Europe is affected by the parasite Orobanche Cumana. This represents approximately 11 million hectares. In extreme cases, the losses caused by the parasite can reach 90% of the yield potential and the profit of the farmers may be dramatically affected. We can observe that parasite’s mutation and spreading in Europe have accelerated since last five years.

Euralis Semences, as a leading sunflower seeds company, has made the fight against Orobanche Cumana one of its priorities to guarantee the sustainability of the sunflower crop in Europe.

In 2014 Euralis Semences launched a complete range of solutions against Orobanche suitable for the needs of all farmers, united under the brand OR Master®.

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Genetic resistance to orobanche is a very complex subject, especially when it concerns new races F, G and more.

In the past, resistance to the parasite could have been reached with a simple dominant gene.

Since the appearance of virulent races, the fight has become more complex. The resistance to these aggressive strains is due to a combination of a strong genetic background with a dominant gene.

Via the SOLTIS program, Euralis Semences has established its research network in the zones of severe pressure from this parasite: Spain, Turkey, Romania, Ukraine and Russia. It’s important to mention that not only the testing of new hybrids is done there, but also a selection of the new genetic sources. That is the reason why the varieties of Euralis Semences resist the known Orobanche strains very well, having a strong genetic background.

OR Master-Euralis Semences-Orobanche cumana-Soltis program

OR Master-Euralis Semences-Orobanche cumana-Soltis program


Clearfield® system is a good solution to fight against Orobanche.

But we should not forget that in some severe cases of weeds and Orobanche pressure, it might not be enough. That is why Euralis Semences has bred innovative varieties that offer a double security combining Clearfield herbicide resistance and genetic Orobanche resistance in the same hybrids.

In addition to the double security, this technology allows the farmers to adapt their strategy to the real situation in their fields. Orobanche being controlled by genetics, the post emergent herbicide can be applied at the optimum stage to focus on the weeds control.

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Besides working on the genetic improvement of the varieties Euralis Semences regroups existing agronomical technics to fight the parasite. Lots of technical workshops are organized for internal teams, for distributors and for farmers. Besides that some experimental methods like biological control are being studied in our research centers.

Moreover in 2015, a smartphone application aimed to help in the choice of the right variety was launched. Accessible through Apple and Google Stores in numerous languages, OR Master® App guides the user in the choice of the variety most adapted to his or her particular needs, based on the risk of the Orobanche in their areas.

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