We have 100% dedication to quality over all of our product ranges:  Euralis Semences makes seed quality an absolute priority to ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to reach this goal, Euralis holds 3 main production areas under its direct control:

  • 10,000 ha in south-west France, the best climatic region in Europe for maize production (close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees)
  • 5,000 ha in the south of Spain, a disease-free region that is particularly suited to sunflower production
  • 6,000 ha in Ukraine, in the heart of the Chernozem belt, the highest-quality soils in Europe

The industrial processes are chiefly based at 3 ultra-modern plants, one in each of the production zones: Lescar (France), Seville (Spain) and Cherkasy (Ukraine). In order to meet growing demand, Euralis Semences is constantly developing its production network in areas with the best suited agronomic qualities. Wherever the seed production area is located, quality control is centralized at the Lescar laboratory in France, using methods approved by the ISTA. All produced seed batches are completely traceable and undergo more than 12 controls from the field production to the bag.

euralis semences company factory

Euralis Semences production plant Ukraine

Euralis Semences production plant Spain

Euralis Semences corn seeds production fieldEuralis Semences sunflower seeds production fieldEuralis Semences rapeseed seeds production field


If you’d like to discover within 5 minutes all the expertise of Euralis seeds production, watch this vidéo explaining seeds universe. Let you amaze with the diversity of Euralis experts: