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Euralis is the 6th largest corn seeds company in Europe

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Euralis Semences is the 6th largest corn seeds company in Europe. In 2012, after more than 10 years of research, Euralis launched a new, original genetic family: Tropical dent® corn.

The use of such high-performance genetic sources combined with known germplasms creates heterosis effect to a rich flow of varieties. Three key qualities issued from such heterosis effect are – yield, stability and drydown.

The aim of our maize research program is to become the N°1 in early genetics (FAO<400), while at the same time playing an important role on the late segments.

Euralis Semences proposes the varieties that suit every segment of the market: Grain, Silage, Biogas. A high importance is given to the investigations of the drought resistant hybrids, proposed on the market under the Roots Power® brand. The company has also the non-gmo herbicide resistant solutions as DUO system.


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