Will digital technologies allow a better seed user experience?

December 26, 2018

It’s a quite common promise from all brands to declare that the daily experience for customers will be improved thanks to the digital technology.

On the other hand, in some case digitization might be felt as too intrusive. Agriculture will not be able to escape from this global trend and for sure farmers will accept to adopt digital tools as soon as they feel they keep the control of their data and can get more value than inconvenience. In the seeds business, the speed of the technological evolution is very fast and not limited to the genetics as it is also benefiting from the data analysis capacity.

Thanks to clever usage, the digital technology will be able to deliver added value to the farmers and to the complete seeds chain. Analysis of crossed big data, gathering genetics, pedoclimatic conditions and practices of farmers, allows for an accurate predictive variety recommendation which is adapted to each field context. Our company Euralis is developing different tools in this respect, such as the ‘OR Master’ apps to fight against broomrape in sunflower, the ‘Click’ N’ Seed’ which serves to optimize the variety choice or the Airbus Farmstar® tool to manage oilseed rape fertilization.

Increasing the interaction between the brand and the clients is delivering huge win-win benefits. And all that with just one final goal: improving user satisfaction!

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