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What is OptiCoat +, a seed treatment for maize?

November 05, 2018
Opticoat +, a new seed treatment to preserve the genetic potential of Euralis maize varieties in the early stages of development.

What is Opticoat +?


The phases of emergence and implantation of the crop are essential for maize. The plant stand is critical to achieving a good level of yield. Or these phases are subject to many biotic stresses (pressure diseases, fungi) and abiotic (cold, dry, thermal amplitude). Euralis chose OPTICOAT +, an innovative seed coating combined with Zinc, Manganese and Protein Extracts from Trichoderma, a mushroom species.

The manganese has a positive role in the photosynthesis as an enzyme activator or cofactor for several chemical reactions. Zinc activates the synthesis of proteins, carbohydrates and synthetic hormones.

 The protein extracts of Trichoderma act as activators of the plant’s natural defenses: they trigger the production of defense molecules (antibiotics, antifungals) or allow the plant to better defend itself by producing additional physical protections such as lignin.


What are the benefits of this new solution?


The results of the experiment illustrate the effectiveness of OPTICOAT + for maize by showing significantly better germination performance, higher leaf and root mass in the early stages and better resistance to diseases and fungi.


The influence of OPTICOAT + on vegetative growth

Results of tests conducted in laboratories on the same hybrid of maize.


On each of the photos, on the left, the root system of an untreated hybrid. On the right, the same hybrid was treated with Opticoat +. The difference is clear and visible, the root system of the hybrid treated with Opticoat + is better structured and denser. A more developed root system allows a better implantation from the young stages of the culture. This advantage increases when the growing conditions are difficult.

In the laboratory
In the  field

For sowing 2019:

Euralis will offer several of its leading varieties with OPTICOAT + treatment. OPTICOAT + is authorized in organic farming according to EC 834/2007. It will therefore also be proposed on the organic varieties of Euralis range.