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Study on the sowing density in partnership with Arvalis

December 05, 2018

For a good valorization of our maize varieties, we must be able to recommend to the farmers the optimal sowing density according to the pedoclimatic conditions of their plots.

Our current method is to determine an optimum density for each plot potential level (low, medium or high potential) from hundreds of test results. This method has the merit of being very reliable, but it has the disadvantage of requiring a large amount of data. It often takes about 3 years of experimentation before being able to provide a reliable recommendation.

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In collaboration with Arvalis, we therefore sought to set up a more powerful method based in particular on the phenotype of varieties. Several parameters were calibrated and allowed to predict with very good accuracy in only one year of measurements the optimum for each of the varieties studied in the 3 levels of potential (low, medium or high potential).

Our recommendation is on the number of plants in the field. It will then be necessary to adapt this recommendation of sowing according to the conditions of emergence (germinative capacity of the variety, early sowing …).