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Some advices for an optimal harvest of grain sorghum

August 20, 2018




The physiological maturity of sorghum is obtained when the grain’s water concentration is around 35%, but it is advisable to wait until the grain has dried to harvest under good conditions, generally between 16 and 22 % humidity. Depending on the country, the harvest can start between end of August and mid-October. No specific equipment is required for the harvesting of sorghum which is carried out with a combine harvester equipped to harvest straw cereals. The threshing speed is an adapter according to the humidity content of the grain.

  • Do not wait for complete drying of the plant to harvest: when the grain is ripe, the plant’s leaf cover is still green. Some countries prefer to use a desiccant but it is not necessarily compulsory if the harvest is done in time.
  • Harvest as soon as the grain is ripe: after reaching the optimum humidity content of the crop, the humidity content of the grains may increase with climatic conditions especially when the harvest starts too late (rain, fog, drought …).
  • Harvest only panicles: cut as high as possible to collect a minimum of stems and leaves that produce humidity from the grain.
  • Quickly bring the crop back to 15% humidity content: it is the commercialization standard. The conservation of the grain will be optimal that will not alter the quality of the grain. Sorghum is one of the most tolerant mycotoxin cereals because the panicle is aerated.

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