Record number of participants for ESA Congress

October 26, 2018

From 7th to 9th October, Euralis Semences participated in the congress organized by the European Seed Association in Madrid. More than 1050 participants were referenced during a plenary meeting to exchange on issues such as a market overview, plant breeding innovations, the European seed legislation like seed treatment, low level GMO presence, OCED / EU equivalence. Then they finish discussing about trade issues. 

Outside the plenary assemblies, the congress is also an opportunity to hold meetings with partners, customers, suppliers or prospects present during this event. During these days, Euralis Semences’ members, organized near than thirty meetings.

If the issues of questioning or concern are not resolved as regarding the Philippe Saux interview, CEO of Euralis Seeds, the seed sector has a strong impression of dynamic, resolutely turned towards the future.