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OR Master® App

March 02, 2016

Euralis Semences is launching OR Master® App – the Unique Smartphone application to fight against Orobanche Cumana

Euralis Semences, a European leader sunflower seeds company, has announced the launching of a very innovative smartphone application allowing the farmers to fight against Orobanche Cumana, a dangerous parasite of the sunflower crop, affecting more than 60% of the European surface.

Launched under the name OR MASTER® App, this new application allows the farmers to estimate the risk of finding Orobanche (OR) on their fields and helps them find the best OR resistant hybrids to be protected against the parasite. “The risk estimation is based on the local agronomical context of the farm and the recommended solution is fully personalised” explains Cedric Delavent, Euralis sunflower projects manager. The farmer can choose among different strategies using genetically Orobanche resistant hybrids, Clearfield® varieties, or combination of both technologies inside the same hybrids in order to get the maximum protection. In any case, the application will advise a customized strategy fitting with the OR pressure and with the farm needs.

Beside a complete offer of OR resistant hybrids, OR MASTER® App will contribute to achieve the ambition of Euralis: to defend a sustainable profitability of the sunflower crop for the European farmers .

OR MASTER® App is a free smartphone application. It can be downloaded on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS).

A web version, can be consulted here.

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