ODA Newsletter : agricultural market insights & trends #174

April 05, 2019

Every two weeks, Euralis Seeds will publish a newsletter, in partnership with Offre et Demande Agricole, on trends and the agricultural market.

Lets’ see, how market situation has evolved since last two weeks.

Oilseeds Complex:

Despite China’s recent return to buy US soybeans, fundamentals are heavy with a weak outlook for declining US inventories, growing competition among exporters on the world market, and uncertain global demand.

Short term on the oils market, the robust Southeast Asian palm export could continue to support palm prices. However, the dynamic’s strength could be undermined by an uptick in seasonal production. Soybean oil should follow palm.

Rapeseed prices should benefit from the support of macroeconomic factors and oils short term, but potential gains should be limited by ongoing trade tensions between China and Canada.


Grains Complex:

In wheat, despite strong European and US wheat exports as the 2018/19 season wraps up, the market is increasingly focused on the 2019/20 season. Risks for spring planting should diminish in Europe, but persist in the USA, which could bring some volatility over the coming weeks as weather forecasts evolve.

As concern maize, risk for US planting is one of the only factors that can currently support the market. Competition among the four exporters is rising, limiting global price increases. For its part, the European market is still well supplied.

For further information, please, find below the full issue. The next edition of the ODA newsletter will be on April, 19th, 2019.

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