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OR Master® Launch, the solution about Orobanche

February 26, 2016

EURALIS SEMENCES is launching OR Master® – new elite solutions against Orobanche Cumana.

Euralis Semences, one of the European leader sunflower seeds company in Europe, has announced the launching of a new combination of technologies to fight against Orobanche Cumana in sunflower fields. Proposed under the brand OR MASTER, this innovation will gather Elite sunflower seeds solutions against Orobanche Cumana including innovative genetics resistant to new Orobanche races, or combination of genetic resistance and Clearfield traits inside the same hybrids.

“The parasite Orobanche Cumana affects more than 60% of sunflower surfaces in Europe. OR MASTER is not a unique solution explains Jean-Pierre Dufourcq, Euralis Semences European Marketing Director, but a complete offer responding to the farmers’ needs”.  In most of the situations, genetic resistance is enough to stop the parasite development. In others situations submitted to weeds infestation or very high Orobanche pressure, the combination between genetic resistance and post-emergence herbicide resistance is necessary. OR MASTER will allow farmers to choose among these two elite solutions. The goal is to guaranty the most sustainable and profitable control of the Orobanche in the fields to protect the yield potential for the long term.

Orobanche cumana flower euralis semencesAs a first step, EURALIS SEMENCES will propose the elite Orobanche resistant sunflower hybrids under OR MASTER brand both in linoleic and high-oleic. These genetics will target the 11 millions hectares of sunflower affected by orobanche in Europe. With OR MASTER innovative solutions, the ambition of Euralis Semences is to double the sales of sunflower seeds by 2017.

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