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Hungarian Ministry of agriculture promotes GMO-free soybean

October 03, 2018

The Hungarian soybean association, Magyarszoja, organized a field day to Homorúd on August 30th. During this event, the 40 best soybean varieties from different seed companies were presented including 10 from Euralis.

On this occasion the Minister of Agriculture, István Nagy, opened the event and reminded that “it is important to promote the domestic-use of GMO-free soybeans produced in Hungary”.

The long-term goal of the Ministry of Agriculture is to eliminate GMO soybeans by combining different solutions. The basic condition for this is to maintain the competitiveness of the livestock sector, the Minister of Agriculture announced.

As a diplomatic achievement of historic importance, the Hungarian Minister of Agriculture signed the “European Soy Declaration” in 2017 on a Hungarian initiative. The agreement is a major step towards GMO-free, sustainable agricultural production, and in the long run, it has extremely favorable social, health and environmental benefits.

Thanks to the European Union’s agricultural support system, from 2015, the soybean area production reached 77 000 hectares in Hungary. This represents an increase of 89% compared to the five-year average and resulted in approximately 150,000 tons of soybeans. The strategic objective of the Ministry of Agriculture is to reach 100,000 hectares with a stable yield of 2.5 to 3 tons per hectare. This will replace half of their GMO soybean imports from South America.

The Minister highlighted that “the future of the Hungarian agriculture lies in highly valued and sustainable agricultural production, which produces healthy and high quality food for Hungarian families and export markets”.

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