French field days, a key event in Ukraine

August 12, 2019

For 6 consecutive years, Euralis has been holding field days in different regions of Ukraine to attract the attention of farmers by demonstrating exemplary crops and distributing useful information about the brand. On August 2, 2019, Euralis held the French Field Day in the Vinnitsa region where it gathered more than 400 guests. During the French Field Day, guests got an opportunity to talk with Euralis specialists and obtain recommendations related to different hybrids. Furthermore, the event has been aimed at conducting Field presentations of the novelties of the French selection fully adapted to the conditions of cultivation in Ukraine by using innovative technologies and paying attention to the potential of different fields!



At the same time, the French Field Day included a rich animation program, branded scenery, eye-catching photo zones and a thematic concert.

This event will forever remain in the guests’ memory by having a positive impact on brand recognition throughout Ukraine.