Focus on Euralis activities in Hungary

March 06, 2019
Euralis K.ft. was founded in 2002 but the ”real life” started in 2009 when the firm moved to its actual place in Budapest. Thus, this year Euralis will be in it’s 10th active year on a very competitive market.

In spite of the relative small size of Hungary the field crop and seed production is more than significant on the European market. In seed production, Hungary is the 6th in Europe. Euralis Seeds is present on corn, sorghum, sunflower, soybean & rapeseed markets.

The field crop market differs from the usual one since the breeding companies decided 10 years ago to take the decision making power from the hand of the distributors by developing their own sales force which are visiting directly the farmers creating the demand. So, in that very competitive environment, Euralis started with a small team but with big ambitions and with the stand alone genetic portfolio. In the past 10 years in Hungary, Euralis Seeds faced many challenges from which it seems we came out stronger and identified those market and crop segments through which we could make the breakthrough.Due to the limited resources Euralis is developing mainly alliances with the main distributors and some input companies to “enlarge” the sales coverage even offering sometimes packages with biostimulants, seed treatment, fertilizers or soil testing services. However, the team is keeping the contact and finalizing deals with the distributors, integrators and farmers.

“Crop wise our biggest success is now the sorghum where we double every year our sales and also the market having 70-80% market share and in soya in which due to our outstanding genetic and the new go to market model helped us to increase the market share up to 40-50%.