Euralis signs a strategic agreement with Agromar in Turkey

September 04, 2018
Euralis Tohumculuk A.S. has signed a strategic collaboration agreement with Agromar Tohumculuk A.S. company which is the part of Titiz Agro Group A.S. in Turkey.

“Euralis Tohumculuk A.S aims to increase sales, especially in the sunflower market. It is an equivalent market in the French market on which our genetics match the local needs, especially in terms of resistance to Orobanche “says Gilles Tambourré, Director of the Black Sea Business Unit and Euralis Tohumculuk A.S.


Euralis Tohumculuk A.S, the Turkish subsidiary of Euralis Semences, has been established on December 2011 in Istanbul before being transferred to Bursa, one of Turkey’s largest agricultural cities. A lot of seed companies have their head offices and factories in this city for logistic and strategic reasons. Agromar is one of the oldest local partners for Euralis. In the beginning, Euralis Tohumculuk has made multiple local partners to develop in the Turkish market while also realizing direct sales. At the end of 2016, Euralis Tohumculuk strengthened its strategic partnership with Agromar for seed production locally and then for commercialization. Through this agreement, Agromar becomes Euralis Tohumculuk’s official distributor of sunflower and corn seeds on the Turkish market.

“Our objective for 2019 is to double our sales of sunflower. That is why, we are currently updating our web page with a local web design company in order to be more visible. Our new web page will be activated at the end of September ” highlights Mehmet Gul, Country Representative of Euralis Tohumculuk A.S in Turkey and the only employee. Today, it is the teams of the partner company Agromar that promote of Euralis products.

For the coming years, the subsidiary wants to sell rapeseed and sorghum via this same local partner.

Focus on the Turkish market

The country is not in the European Union but respects and uses the OECD and ISTA (International Rules for Seed Testing) rules. Therefore, it is necessary to make local registrations to be able to sell Euralis varieties in Turkey. The subsidiary has registered a total of 58 varieties (parental lines and hybrids) and focuses mainly on sunflower business in Turkey.

The Group is positioning itself on the Turkish market in elite segment, especially for sunflower seeds. Our hybrids offer advanced technology in local markets which is why they are very successful. For example, Euralis is one of the first companies to have registered Clearfield Plus (IMI +) and Sulfo (SU) hybrids in Turkey.

Sunflower seed market is high technological market in Turkey. The orobanche race is G and more depending on the region, mildew is also a big problem depending on the rainy seasons and regions. Herbicide tolerant segments are really important. Euralis Tohumculuk still holds a large market share for conventional hybrids with a best-seller: ES Bella.

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