Euralis Semena is celebrating 10 years of activity on Bulgarian market

January 16, 2019

After more than 15 years of presence on the Bulgarian market, through exclusive distributors, with  “Rustica” and “Pau Semences”  brands, in 2009, Euralis Semena subsidiary was founded in Bulgaria and launched Euralis seed brand.

The company headquarter is in Sofia with a mission “to promote and sell our hybrids range to distributors and farmers”. Euralis Semena is present on the market in all 5 segments – corn, sunflower, sorghum, soybean and oilseed rape – having a successful presence on corn and sunflower, in quite small, but very demanding and challenging market, where all competitors are present.

Euralis Semena was the first company launching sorghum hybrids on the local market and it has now a leading position with over 80% market share.

In order to meet clients’ needs, the company has a very active approach towards them, organizing different kind of indoor (seminars, conferences in partnerships) and outdoor events (field days, in-field video testimonials with influence farmers).

We are focusing also in developing sustainable partnerships with different agriculture partners in order to offer to our farmers a full chain supplier approach. To sustain and develop this idea we have created one of our major annual field events so called “TOGETHER IN AGRICULTURE”, offering to our clients all needs in one place: seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.

We are attentive to our farmers and distributors and searching constantly for new solutions, having as a goal our further development in Bulgarian market and leading our local agriculture to a higher level of productivity and knowledge.

Euralis Semena has recently celebrated its 10th anniversary through a dedicated event, having invited our most important 300 clients: distributors and farmers.