EURALIS Provider and Partner: Attentive to create inventive solutions for farmers

October 08, 2017

In addition to providing quality seeds through its breeding work, EURALIS has created a genuine advisory and support strategy for farmers. Thanks to the EURALIS Profiling System (EPS) approach, EURALIS steers farmers towards the varieties most suited to their situation and production objectives. Using a rapid diagnosis, which can be conducted by the farmer, EURALIS provides more detailed agronomic advice service. The background of this service is a client oriented organisation combining a huge research network gathering 500.000 plots spread all over Europe and a huge data analysis capacity. In order to stay attentive to the clients needs and to continue that growing dynamics a global metogical approach was elaborated which offers a clear answer to the farmers needs depending on their agro-climatic conditions.

The EURALIS Profiling System marks a turning point in the company’s support strategy for farmers. It offers farmers personalised advice, allowing them to select the hybrid varieties best suited to their production objectives and pedo-climatic conditions. It does this through four diagnostic tools created by EURALIS, each responding to a specific theme: Yield Profile for the variety’s adaptation to the field, Nutri Profile for the nutritional quality of silage, and Climate Profile and Hydro Profile to identify the crop’s requirements. For each of these tools, EURALIS has defined typical situations, representative of the diversity of farm typologies and pedo-climatic contexts found across Europe. Thanks to the networking of its experimental stations, EURALIS teams have been able to study the behaviour of each hybrid in each of the typical situations.   So the farmer provides the characteristics of his or her production system to identify which situation it most closely resembles and is then provided with a selection of varieties which meet their requirements.

Yield Profile is an exclusive approach of EURALIS which allows the characterization of corn varieties according to their performance in different environmental conditions.

Nutri Profile is an exclusive approach of EURALIS which allows the characterization of maize varieties according to their suitability in basic feed rations under different farm structures.

The profiles of EURALIS’ varieties can be found in its catalogues or by contacting the local EURALIS team.