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ES Bella: Queen of Sunflower

October 25, 2017

ES Bella will be cultivated on more than 500.000 hectares in 2018, so the variety is definitely one of the best sunflower sellers in Europe. Moreover, facing the growing demand from the farmers, EURALIS is forecasting to double the sales in the next two years. This success story didn´t happen by chance but is the result of the farmers oriented strategy of EURALIS based on innovation, competitivity and international development.


EURALIS invests every year 13 % of his turnover in the research. This figure clearly illustrates the focus of the company of innovation. The sunflower research program is considered to be one of the three most important in the world. “One of the main strengths of our program is to combine a diverse gene pool to address all segments of the sunflower market and a very performant conversion ability allowing to insert innovative traits in the elite parental lines”, declares Thierry André, head of the sunflower breeding program. “In the case of ES Bella, the original hybrid has proved its outstanding value in the very technical market of Western Europe. We succeeded then in including the Orobanche resistance trait in the original version that was already quite tolerant. It was really a huge benefit for the farmers of East Europe and Black Sea Regions.”


For EURALIS, it is obvious: the market understanding must be the basis of the innovation. “With 1.200 employees present in 11 countries in Europe, we are able to detect all the farmers needs in the different regions”, underlines Cedric Delavent, Sunflower Market Development Manager. “We clearly understood many years ago that the fight against Orobanche is a key challenge for the development of sunflower crop in Europe. The focus of the breeders on this topic has driven excellent to results. The combination of various genetics solutions inside the genome ES Bella makes the hybrid very safe for the long term. Moreover, this hybrid is very stable in yield with a nice look and its earliness allows to plant it without any risk in all areas. That´s why we are facing this huge growth in the demand from the farmers. ES Bella has the potential to become very soon the most sold conventional hybrid in Europe.”


ES Bella was currently adopted by the farmers of all the European sunflower countries, wherever Orobanche is a problem but not only. From Spain and France to Ukraine, Russia, but also Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria ES Bella delivers very good performance. “This hybrid delivers very good yield in intensive and extensive conditions. It shows a good resistance to stress and take profit of deep soil like light ones. This flexibility is very interesting for the farmers”, explains Vladimir Kondratiuk, Sunflower Market Development Manager based in the Ukraine.