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ES Alicia: for a sustainable agriculture of rapeseed

May 07, 2018

In the face of agro-environmental concerns and with the aim of reducing phytosanitary treatments on rapeseed crop, Euralis Semences offers an innovative solution for the control of pollen beetles: ES ALICIA.

ES Alicia is a variety of winter rapeseed that has a real competitor advantage of earlier than all other varieties flowering. During sowing, ES Alicia is mixed with the main variety cultivated on the field with a ratio of 7%. It will have the buds and flowering about 10 days before all other main varieties.

The pollen beetles are pests for rapeseed, they damage the flower buds by feeding on the pollen and laying inside. These insects are attracted by the yellow color and they prefer setting down on the tallest plants in rapeseed fields.

When they arrived in the plot, the pollen beetles will be attracted by the ES Alicia flowers and focus on them instead of attacking the buds of the main variety.

Yield losses due to pollen beetles attacks can be significant from 30 to 40%. ES Alicia will allow in a certain way to trap these insects !

This biological control often makes it possible to avoid the use of a insecticide treatment and to protect the bees. To promote this action, pedagogical signs are available from distributors to promote ES Alicia on 400 plots of in France in Spring 2018.

Sales of ES ALICIA increased by 70% in France during the sowing season 2017 boosted by the integration of this variety in the regulatory approach of the Certificates of Economie of Phytosanitary Products (CEPP). 

Euralis Semences forecast from 20 to 25% increase in winter oilseed rape sales during the sowing season 2018. We continue the research on alternative methods concerning rapeseed pests control by testing varieties tolerant to flea beetles and weevils  to better meet the needs of farmers.

ES ALICIA sign explains the benefits of a very-early flowering variety to trap pollen beetles.