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The discovery of the original genetics Tropical Dent®

March 01, 2016

Euralis Semences has discovered original genetics – Tropical Dent®

Since the arrival of hybrids in the 1950s, the quality of seed corn offered to farmers has improved constantly. The average gain in yield over fifty years has been more than 7.5 t/ha thanks to European flint and American dent genetics. Over ten years ago, Euralis Semences set up a strategy focused on research into new different genetic pools for families of corn widely used by the seed industry, in order to pursue this genetic progress curve. After extensive inventory work based on a powerful molecular marking tool, the Euralis Semences research team discovered an original source from tropical countries. “Christened Tropical Dent®, this family brings a very strong heterosis effect to our genetic offering as it is very distant from usual lines,” explains Pierre Carolo, Director of the Corn Breeding Programme for this French company. “With these hybrids the farmer can benefit from a clear step change in genetics, always with additional yield gains and consistent results in very varied soil and climate conditions, including in continental Europe.”

Overall, the Tropical Dent hybrids tend more to resemble the European flint corns, with round, orange-coloured grains, but the desiccation process is much faster at growth cycle end like the American dents. This new Tropical Dent source has been introduced gradually by crossing with European flints to obtain early hybrids and with American dents for later varieties. Twelve hybrids are already on the market. The majority have maturity indices of between 200 and 350. These include ES Cirrius, ES Palazzo, ES Cockpit and ES Gallery which were included in the official French listing in just one year. A new generation including later varieties will arrive very shortly on the market. These new original genetics are renewing the grain corn offer in Europe. “It is not an isolated variety but a genuine flow”, states Jean-Pierre Dufourcq, Marketing Director Europe for Euralis Semences. “This discovery makes Euralis Semences a player that cannot be ignored in the grain corn market in Europe.”