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November 30, 2018

In 2018, weather conditions were especially atypical:

  • High temperatures and deficit of precipitations since sowing in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.
  • In France, extreme precipitations from sowing to end of June, followed by a rain deficit in Center and East.
  • In Russia, very dry and hot conditions in Rostov, Krasnodar and Volgograd regions whereas cold and wet conditions have strongly postponed sowing in spring time in Northern Areas.
  • In Ukraine, dry conditions only in South East, otherwise it is a very good potential year.

Overview of our products’ results

Group 1

For grain, in very dry and hot conditions, our very early Tropical Dent® second generation with ES PERSPECTIVE or ESZ7107 show better performance than flint dent types (ES HUBBLE). Nevertheless, ES CROSSMAN flint dent type, maintains its goods results this year as usual.

For silage, in development trials, a new generation reaches the level of the standards and is able to take the relay of our aging commercial range with ES AMAZING and ES OPALINE.

Group 2

For grain, performances are good for our Tropical Dent® genetic (ES CREATIVE, ES INVENTIVE, ES ASTEROID, ES-HOLMES, ESZ7209). Some examples:

  • ES INVENTIVE, coming from second generation of Tropical Dent shows outstanding performances :
  • In Poland, in post-registration network : yield at 107% of average and very low moisture (93% of average).
  • In France, in post-registration network (Arvalis) : 103.1% of average in serie G1 (early group), Brittany, Normandy and West, 101,9% of average in serie G1, Center and Paris Bassin, 102,3% of average in serie G1 North and North East.
  • ES CREATIVE, after 3 years of testing in Arvalis network, keeps its position: 103,4 % of average in serie G1, Center and Paris Bassin, 104.1 % of average in serie G1 North and North East.

For silage, our commercial range is doing well with good results, for example in Arvalis: ES AMULET is the first variety in series S1 (early group) in Brittany, Pays de Loire and Normandy (103.4% of average), ES TRUCK is the first variety in series S1 in North; North-East and Center-East (103.3% of average).

First results in German LSV trials confirm a stable performance of ES METRONOM in a year of extreme weather conditions. Again the recommendations by the chambers of agriculture have been pronounced for the n°3 in the German corn market. Furthermore, ES AMULET scores with its quality profile, and ES JOKER is heading to reinforce competition in the mid-early segment.

A new hybrid, ESZ6207, performs very well both for grain and silage in all conditions, even in 2018.

Group 3

For grain, ES-FARADAY confirms its high level of yield and its stability in all conditions.

  • In Poland, in post registration network, ES Faraday is number one with 107% of average for yield and low moisture (98% of average).
  • In France, Arvalis results show good performances for ES FARADAY and ES GALLERY: in all series of group 2 (mid-early), both hybrids are in the top of the ranking.
  • In Eastern countries like Ukraine and Russia, especially ES FARADAY is placed in the customer portfolios to challenge the main leaders Pioneer (Corteva) and Mosanto (Bayer).

Two complementary products were launched in 2018: ESZ7301 better in good conditions but with improved stress tolerance compare to our leader ES Gallery, ESZ7305 a leader in stress conditions but still at the level in good conditions.

For silage, our two leader products ES-PEPPONE and ES FLOREAL confirm their potential and stability.  In Arvalis network, ES PEPPONE reached 102.6% ES FLOREAL reached 103.2% (in % of average – Series S2 (mid-early) North East and Center East).

ESZ7308, ESZ7309, ESZ7310 are 3 promising candidates to complete our portfolio. Even if they a bit less performant than ES PEPPONE and ES FLOREAL, they are competitive in the market. ES WATSON remains a reference in the market despite a year slightly below the average.

Group 4 

ES METHOD remains a reference especially in Eastern countries. KERALA and MAYFLOWER confirm their good potential and their stability regardless of growing conditions. HARMONIUM is a big success in Ukraine, indeed in Open West-Ukrainian Championship, HARMONIUM is the first product with 150q/ha among 106 hybrids from competitors.

Group 5

DEBUSSY meets its usual level of performances: good and stable yield in all conditions. It has good results, in Arvalis network. For example, 102.8% of average in serie G4 (mid-late), in Center East, Alsace and South East.

BOWEN more adapted for West than for East, reaches better yield in 2018 compared to 2017. ES LAGOON is more interesting for low potential situations than for high potential situations.

Group 6

MESSIR remains performant. ANAKIN with an equivalent level could be a complement. Both hybrids reach high level of performance in Arvalis network. For example, serie G5 (late group), in % of average:

Charentes and Vendée: MESSIR is at 102.7% and ANAKIN is at 102.2%

Bassin de l’Adour and Landes: MESSIR is at 100.5% and ANAKIN is at 103%

Bassin de l’Adour and Landes: MESSIR is at 101.7% and ANAKIN is at 102%

ESZ0263 launched in 2018 highly performs, better than strong competitors as P0725 and P0837 from Pioneer.