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October 18, 2018

In France, each new variety is registered by decision of the Minister of Agriculture published in the Official Journal. The ministry relies on the advice of an advisory committee, the Permanent Technical Selection Committee (CTPS). Each year the seed companies of France meet during the CTPS rallies in order to validate the quality of the official trials before harvest. Celia Jubert, Corn Development Engineer, invites us to discover the last rallies.

euralis semences corn cobWhen?

Usually these tours take place between the 20th of August and the 20th of September. This year, the drought conditions experienced, especially by the northern regions of France, led to the advance of the silage trials and some grain trials. The calendar was therefore more condensed. The first visits began on August 15th with 10 days in advance.

Who ?

All applicants are invited to participate in these validation rounds, named rallyes. EURALIS, BAYER, KWS, RAGT, LIMAGRAIN, CAUSSADE, SYNGENTA and MAISADOUR.


Each visitor must go through the entire blind test, with the only decoding being that of the witnesses and its varieties being tested. The identification of these hybrids in the field makes it possible in particular to validate the good randomization of trials. For the validation of this one, different criteria are taken into account: the density and the regularity of plants, the regularity of the borders and lengths of lines, the homogeneity of each of the three repetitions. The causes of any irregularities must be identified (stress, irrigation, disease, presence of insects causing damage such as corn borer etc.). After the visit, participants give their opinion on the quality of the trial via a visit card. Nevertheless, if the test is considered doubtful, the decision not to retain it for the evaluation of test hybrids can only be made by the Variety and Seed Study and Control Group (GEVES) after analysis of results. GEVES is an expert and reference at national and international level on all cultivated species.

And this year?

Water stress has been the cause of a decline in potential of some parcels especially in the South of Bretagne and the Paris Basin, also creating heterogeneities within the repetitions. At the beginning of August, big gusts of wind in Bretagne provoked more or less repeat rooting according to the trials.
In the south-east, the high level of desiccation of the plants testifies to the drought, which is responsible for the average potential of the trials.
In the south-west, the difficult climatic conditions at emergence did not have a big impact on the quality of the trials, homogeneous and with good potential in a general way. This year, in France, we are experiencing a relatively strong pressure from the corn borers.

These CTPS trials are important for seed companies with the size of Euralis because they put all companies on an equal footing and make it possible to measure results objectively. In recent years, Euralis varieties have performed particularly well, highlighting the value of our current genetics and its ability to compete with larger ones. Equivalent trials also exist in other countries giving access to the European registration.