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1st European Sorghum Congress

October 28, 2016

The first European Sorghum congress will be held in Bucharest (Romania) 3rd – 4th of November 2016.

This event is aimed to gather expertise of all actors of the European sorghum value chain: seeds producers, distributors, farmers, collectors, industrials, consumers. It will allow to better present agronomic practices and it will be an opportunity to raise the attention of governmental and educational institutions concerning this crop that brings yield and sustainable development.

Sorghum combines productivity, respect for the environment and preservation of water resources. Investments in the research of this crop have allowed presenting on the market good productive hybrids answering all needs of the farmers. 1st European Sorghum congress will be a place to exchanges ideas about the opportunities and to create synergies of the future development of the crop in Europe.

Below, the opening speech of the congress is made by Achim IRIMESCU, minister of agriculture and rural development of Romania, and Daniel PEYRAUBE, president of European Confederation of corn breeding.

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